Sonra duydum duymadım deme


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Context; friends are going fishing and suggest that another friend join them. But he has not made up his mind yet. One of the says:
Vallahi,bu davetim son davet. Sonra duydum duymadım deme. Razı ol.

I undestand it as “Later, don’t tell I didn’hear” . What I don’t’ understand is duydum which means 'I heard'. and the whole phrase will be “Don’t tell I heard I didn’t hear” which does not make much sense.?

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  • İyi günler dec-sev,

    "Duydum duymadım deme", or the plural "Duyduk duymadık demeyin", is an expression, meaning "you've been informed. It's all on you now."

    The plural makes slightly more sense, so I'll start with that one. This expression is used when the speaker makes an announcement, and wants everyone to acknowledge that they have heard it and are now aware of the situation. In a way, the speaker is saying "I'm making this announcement, and you have all witnessed it. In the future, I don't want to hear any 'Wait, I hadn't heard of this!' or 'Yeah, I think I heard something like that but I can't recall'... I don't care about any of that, It's your responsibility from now on!"

    That's the idea behind saying Duyduk duymadık demeyin, literally "Don't say 'we heard' or 'we didn't hear'".

    So in your context, it's used for one person, which is really rare, but it's understood. It means "This is my last invitation. From now on, it's all up to you. Don't come to me saying 'wait, I hadn't heard it' or something."
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