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I’m afraid that my context is very limited, but I hope it won’t count against the query. I’m translating an Excel file of, well, strings for a company in the automotive sector. Among the components which they have apparently adopted is this:

Adozione nuovo suppressore freni

I can’t find much on what a "suppressore" might be. Google corrects it to "depressore", but if I insist, I get a single hit:
Il suppressore è una sorta di servo freno che non è messo dove di solito c'è il servo freno(ossia prima della pompa freni),ma meno efficace e spesso ha problemi:il gommino della pompa lascia passare olio che riempie che la "campana" del suppressore stesso.
I haven’t got may ideas about how to translate it: the obvious "brake suppressor" doesn’t seem to get any approval from Google at least. Brake reducer?

I’m stumbling about in the dark really. Does anyone have some ideas?

Many thanks
  • Probably. Life’s hard enough without having to correct the spelling in your source. :rolleyes: (I find it in the dictionary as soppressore, now that I look.) Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to make it any easier to find a translation.
    Ah! You might well be onto something there. :) I see some results for snubber braking and brake snubber, but I’m a bit wary about it. A snubber seems to be predominantly an electrical/electronic device. There are certainly electronic and electrical systems that operate on brakes, but the form "suppressore freni" makes me think of a more direct, mechanical component, like the one which seems to be described in the link I found.
    Hi Mark!

    Never heard about a "soppressore freno" in my life even if I worked for some years in the automotive field but maybe it's just me.

    The point is: what the hell must be suppressed in a brake????

    Secondo me è il depressore, visto che si parla di olio motore che riempie la campana del servofreno, vedi qui, tratto dal bunker dell'ingegnere....di meglio c'è solo Benzene!
    The point is: what the hell must be suppressed in a brake????
    :D Ah, well, if that’s how it is, perhaps I’d better just ask. :)

    I suppose I was a bit optimistic about there being a sense to it: I thought that perhaps it was some way of dosing the braking force, for safety maybe.
    Well, if the point is suppressing the exceeding force in order to avoid the wheel to block, that's the ABS job.

    About the list you're working on, could you tell us if it is a list of component for a specific car model or if it is a list of components selled by your "client"?