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Hello everyone.
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By the way, do you only use the word "sore" for "sore throat" and if no, what is the difference between sore and ache?
Thanks in advance.

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    My dictionary says:

    An ache is a continuous, dull pain

    Sore is painfully sensitive, tender

    That may not help much!

    If the joints in my arms or legs feel as though they are painful 'inside' (i.e. muscles or tendons, or whatever), I say they 'ache'.

    If I fell over and scraped the skin off my knees, I say they are 'sore'.

    For me, 'sore' is more an external pain caused by rubbing, scraping etc. An ache is more internal.

    But that's not strictly a 'rule'. Different people might say different things.


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    Do all of these work?

    -I have a little bit of a sore throat.
    -I have a little sore throat
    -My throat hurts a bit/a little.


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    Yes. My throat is a little sore also works. the problem with I have a little sore throat is that you are saying that your throat is little, not that the pain is little.
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