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    in Tom Sawyer
    i cant get my head around " if you will I’ll show you my sore toe " meaning ? most attention is focused on " Sore Toe " it doesn't make sense . what does that mean ? would you help me .
    thank you
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  2. PaulQ

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    I think it is to be taken literally: "If you want, I'll show you my infected toe."

    This is confirmed in the next line:
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  3. mmbt New Member

    thank you PaulQ
    i have been meaning to tell you , "I'll show you my infected toe" is a shade meaningless phrase , i wonder .correct me if I'm wrong, showing his infected toe doesn't seem interesting for Jim .
  4. mplsray Senior Member

    "I'll show you my infected toe" is not meaningless at all. It is literally true. Jim was eager to see the toe in question. The reason he left suddenly was that Tom's Aunt Polly had slapped him on his backside with a slipper for taking out time from his work.
  5. Myridon

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    The story tells you that "the attraction was too much for him (to resist)" and that he "bent over the toe with absorbing interest." In fact, Jim is so interested in the toe that he doesn't notice Aunt Polly until she slaps him on the rear with her slipper.
  6. Cagey post mod (English Only / Latin)

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    Sometimes people are interested in seeing another person's sore or injury. However, most adults, if they are curious about this, don't admit it. In this book, Jim has some qualities that he shares with the boys, Tom and Huck. He is more open in his responses than most adults are.

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