Sorry for that. / I am sorry.

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    Sorry basically means "sharing a feeling empathy for other's bad situation" though it
    means 2 different meanings depending on the origin of the issue.

    But sometimes I still confusing such as this situation.


    Thor: Couldn't we find a way (for me) to come back?
    Loki: Mother forbidden your return. This is goodbye, brother.
    I'm so sorry.
    Thor: No, I AM SORRY. Thank you for coming here.


    In that case, how can I understand Loki's I'm so sorry. ?

    First, I thought, due to forbidding Thor from returning is by his mother, Loki's "I'm so sorry." is just conveying sympathy not resposibility.
    However, after Loki's saying Thor says "No. I AM sorry" which means THOR thought that Loki felt resposibility of his banishment and no returning.

    Which one is better understanding of the dialogue?

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    You have accurately assessed the confusion that can arise out of the dual meaning of "I'm sorry…"

    "I'm sorry your mother is ill" conveys sympathy but not responsibility.

    "I'm sorry I stepped on your foot" conveys an apology and regret.

    "I'm sorry for that," out of context, could convey either.

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