Sorry in advance!

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just wondering what this phrase would be In german and if they use it?

I thought it might be "Entschuldigung in Fortschritt!"
Would this be okay?

All help is appreciated, thanks in advance,
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    This is a difficult question... the most literal translation I could think of might be "Ich entschuldige mich im Voraus" (compare: thanks in advance = danke im Voraus) but in German this would sound very formal... perhaps somebody else has an idea (my impression is that people in the UK apologize much more frequently than we do in Germany so an English 'sorry' doesn't really 'correspond' to a German Entschuldigung).

    Edit: Of course you can introduce a sentence with Entschuldige bitte, aber... (or, more formally: Entschuldigen Sie bitte, aber...) similarly to 'Excuse me, but...' - although this is probably not what you are looking for.
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    Could you please, give some context?
    I think even if we do not have this idiom, there may be some phrases depending on context.
    "Es tut mir jetzt schon leid, ..."
    "Ich bitte für meine Fehler jetzt schon um Nachsicht ..."

    or better with Konjunktiv:

    "Bitte verzeihen Sie, sollte ich Fehler machen."
    "Bitte verzeihen Sie, sollte das Gerät nicht wie vorgesehen funktionieren."

    The "Konjunktiv" expresses "in advance" here.

    Or similar ...

    Sorry in advance if this does not fit.
    Bitte haben Sie Nachsicht, sollte es nicht passen.
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    Hi hutschi,
    I'm saying "Meine Deutsch is nicht perfekt weil es in England wohne. Entschuldidgung in Fortschritt!"
    it's nothing formal just a quick sorry, thanks for all the help!

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