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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by CGD, Sep 8, 2006.

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    I am learning Italian by listening to CDs from Pimsleur. I can't understand what they are saying on the CD to translate "Sorry to disturb you" from English to Italian. It sounds like "Scuzi, se la disturbo," but I'm not sure. It is used in the context of disturbing someone at the office.

  2. Henry63a

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    That's 'Scusi, se la disturbo'
  3. winnie

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    Hi CGD and welcome!
    "Scusi se la disturbo" is what they say.
    Other similar phrases are "Mi spiace disturbarla" and "Non vorrei disturbarla"
  4. mateintwo Senior Member

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    That is correct- except spelling should be scusi (verb: scusare).
  5. Bookmom

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    Ciao CDG,

    Benvenuta! You are really going to enjoy this site. Scusi se la disturbo - is the polite way, using the formal address. To a friend or family member you'd use the familiar, ti disturbo.

  6. Saoul

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    Janet, I think you are missing a "Scusa!", don't you?

    Scusa (se ti disturbo).

    Well I wouldn't even bother to say "Scusa" to my brother, for instance. I would just vomit my question, without giving him time to think about the answer, repeating frantically "Dai, dai, dai, dai, dai!". :D
  7. Kleine Hexe

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    Anche: " scusi il disturbo".

    See you
  8. Bookmom

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    Saoul! Your sense of humor and red wine therapy on a Friday! This is living.

    I was typing quickly and didn't bother with the scusa, as you say, thinking it to be understood.

    Happy Friday!
  9. mohan1 New Member

    Sorry to disturb you in the morning

    '' Scusi se la disturbo al mattino ''
    Hi, please reply if the translation in italian is okay. Thanks

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  10. I'd say "Scusi se la disturbo di mattina"

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