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sorry adj(sympathetic)jdm leidtun Vi, sepa
I'm sorry to hear you're sick.
Es tut mir leid, dass du krank bist.

German example sentence doesn't use the German translation. Also, if I'm not mistaken, "jdm" is not the correct abbreviation. It's not in the list of abbreviations, at least.
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    Hi there. Thank you for your comment. Yes, we updated that list. There might be a few abbreviations that need to be modified. Fixed the mistakes, still need to be updated.

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    The term "leidtun" is a intransitive separable verb, which is split depending on the sentence structure. Therefore the translation is correct, "leidtun" becomes "....tut ... leid".
    Es tut mir leid.
    Es tut dir leid.
    Es tut ihm leid.
    Es tut ihnen leid.
    Es tut uns leid.
    A different sentence might be "Er kann einem schon leidtun." Here the verb does not change its form.