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I'm trying to talk about someone eyes filling up with tears. Is soudre the verb I need, and do I make it reflexive of the eyes or does the person sourde?
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    Is the translation wanted into French or into English?
    If into French, with a reflexive verb: ses yeux se remplirent de larmes (in the past tense, but that you can adapt yourself).


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    Hello maggiemami,
    " Soudre " doesn't seem to exist as a verb, and " une personne sourde " would be s.o. who's deaf!

    You might wish to try " se mouiller " [to become moist]:
    ses yeux se mouillent = his/her eyes are becoming moist [fill/brim with tears]



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    it would be "sourdre"' (same origin as "source") The verb exists but is rather literary and difficult to conjugate. I would go for :"des larmes apparurent dans ses yeux / ses yeux se voilèrent"