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I have questions regarding the following two sentences:

Je souhaiterai son anniversaire à ma soeur dès qu'elle sera rentrée de voyage. I will wish my sister happy birthday as soon as she returns from a trip

Can I replace "son" with "la" instead. That is "l'anniversaire" rather than "son anniversaire".

2. Je vous la souhaite bonne et heureuse. I wish you well and happy.

Why is "la" used? What does this definite article refer to?

Context: The first sentence came from a grammar exercise book. The second was written by a French friend to me in a postcard.
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    1. You could use l'anniversaire...As "à ma soeur" implies implies it is hers...
    2. I wish it will be good and happy....The meaning of la depend on the context.
    i.e if was sent on new year day then Maybe your friend was wishing you a happy new year...


    In french we say "souhaiter son anniversaire à quelqu'un". "je souhaite l'anniversaire à ma soeur" is not grammaticaly wrong but it sounds really bad.
    However, we can also say "fêter l'anniversaire de quelqu'un"
    Examples: "je souhaite son anniversaire à ma soeur", but "nous allons fêter l'anniversaire de ma soeur".
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