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Hello, everyone!

In English, we can say wish someone to do something, wish to do something, hope to do something.
In French, should we say souhaiter à qn de faire qch or souhaiter à qn faire qch ?
And wish to do something, we say souhaiter de faire or souhaiter faire qch?
hope to do something, we say désirer faire or espérer faire? Is there any difference between désirer faire and espérer faire?

Thank you very much! :)
  • Amegafutteimasu

    Hi !
    It's "souhaiter à qqn de faire qqch".
    Ex : Je souhaite à ton frère de faire bon voyage.
    But it can be without "à" if you use a pronom.
    Ex : Je vous souhaite de faire bon voyage.
    For wish it 'd be : "souhaiter faire".
    Ex : Je souhaite aller en voyage.
    The best translation for hope is "espérer". "Dérirer" has the notion of desire and "espérer" the notion of hope. Both are quite close.
    You could also use "j'aimerais" or "je voudrais".
    I hope this would help you !
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