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  1. Tony F. New Member

    Hello! I would like to name my musical album "Sound Objects" in Latin.

    Though, some people say that there is no word "object" in Latin, but dictionary says otherwise.

    Would appreciate any suggestions!
  2. Scholiast

    Scholiast Senior Member


    I suspect that the reason you have had no answers to this, till now, is that it's not clear quite what you want. There are words in Latin for "object", but some are verbs and some are nouns.

    But it looks to me as if you are looking for something like Paul Hindemith's Gebrauchmusik, which is also untranslatable into English (let alone Latin). Maybe try "soni res".

    soni = Latin genitive "of sound"
    res = "thing", "object" (among other meanings)

    But go on seeking other suggestions.

    Best wishes,

  3. dubitans Senior Member

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    What about sonantia​?

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