sous contrôle judiciaire

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  1. Mtrain17

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    Je me demandais ce que ça veut dire. A l'aide!

    Voici le contexte:

    Samy Naceri placé sous contrôle judiciaire

    Samy Naceri qui était entendu ce lundi matin au commissariat de Cannes a été déféré au parquet de Grasse pour exhibition sexuelle, injures à caractère racial, outrages aux forces de l'ordre et incitation à l'émeute.
  2. edwingill Senior Member

    England English
    "is being investigated"
  3. Mtrain17

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    Queens, NY
    Do you think under court-ordered supervision could work?
  4. franc 91 Senior Member

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    It means that he's released under strict conditions (police bail might be the equivalent) - he has to report regularly to the police, he's not allowed to travel, he mustn't contact potential witnesses and so on. This is while the court case is being prepared by the examining magistrate.
  5. SFguy

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    Meaning the person's not on probation (that follows a verdict), but on bail? And in that case, is DSK sous contrôle judiciaire, or would another expression apply?
  6. franc 91 Senior Member

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    I'm not a lawyer and we have all suddenly realised that the way American courts function is very different from the way things happen here - but of course DSK hasn't been tried yet so I suppose you could say he is on bail. In BE if he had been kept in prison we would say that he was remanded in police custody, in France he would be in une Maison d'Arrêt.
  7. tellect Senior Member

    Selon la terminologie de la Cour Européenne des droits de l'homme :

    CONTROLE JUDICIAIRE : mesures, obligations ou interdictions restreignant la liberté d’un individu inculpé mais évitant son incarcération (JUDICIAL SUPERVISION : obligations or restrictions which limit the freedom of an accused individual but avoid his/her incarceration.

    On trouve aussi "pre-trial supervision" (IATE) " ou "legal constraints pending trial" (proz).

    Une bonne synthèse pourrait être : "pre-trial judicial constraints".

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