sous la nue, le cresson bleu

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    I'm trying to understand the meaning of both le frais cresson bleu and sous la nue in Rimbaud's 'Le Dormeur du val.'

    ..Un soldat jeune, la bouche ouverte, tête nue,
    Et la nuque baignant dans le frais cresson bleu,
    Dort : il est étendu dans l’herbe, sous la nue
    Pâle dans son lit vert où la lumière pleut..

    ..something about a watercress and a nude? I can't seem to make sense of it.

    Help greatly appreciated!


  2. archijacq Senior Member

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    la nue: = nuage
    sous la nue: under the skies
  3. mgarizona

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    The other question is not one of translation, only of imagism. Rimbaud is comparing the cress, which appears blue in this light, to water, whereby the back of the "sleeping" soldier's neck is seen as "bathing in the cool blue cress."
  4. jooleeya Member

    Australian English
    Many thanks to both of you - makes much more sense now :)

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