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    Can anyone tell me how to say sous-répartiteur (and for that matter répartiteur) in English?
    The context is wiring for internet and computer connections, and the different types of cabinets which can be used... but I don't have an exact phrase to give you.
    Many thanks,
  2. Michelvar

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    "Répartiteur" is a "distribution frame".
    "Sous-répartiteur" is the local distribution frame by opposition to the main distribution frame, but I don't know if you give a special name to this local distribution frame.

    The fact is that every "répartiteur" coming after a bigger / more general "répartiteur" would be called "sous-répartiteur". But this name has no real meaning, because every "répartiteur" is the "sous-répartiteur" of a bigger one.

    You can see here an example of organisation with répartiteur and sous-répartiteur.
  3. croberts Member

    Thank you very much!

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