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    It isn't English. The whole caption, I mean. Tahlequah is in the US but whoever wrote this is either not a native speaker or can't speak his own language. The caption makes no sense.
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    It does make sense in "headline grammar".

    Talequah Fire and Police break window to remove sovereign citizen for traveling improperly

    Some places have combined public safety departments that include the fire service and police service. So they could have meant that or it could be that parts of both departments were there.

    So whoever it was among those groups broke the window in order for the police to extract the driver. According to the caption writer, that was done because the authorities believe he was traveling "improperly". Sovereign citizen is a set phrase and refers to a member of a specific movement. They have their own ideas about what is proper and improper and for that reason are frequently at odds with civil authorities.
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