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Could you please advise, I have come across the sentence about a law firm, what is the meaning of the underlined term? This relates to different practices in which the firm specializes, followed by a short description of the practice.



Our lawyers counsel both sovereign governments and state and regional authorities on...
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    A sovereign government is a supreme governing authority over some region. This is distinct from a state or regional government which is under the control of a sovereign government. I think also you can look this definition up online.


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    A sovereign government has full control over its country. The British government is a sovereign government. The government of a British colony is not a sovereign government - its decisions can be overturned by the British government.


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    "Sovereign government" has a different sense when it applies to American Indian tribes in the United States.


    [F]ederally-recognized Indian tribes and their tribal lands [are exempt] from many of the local, city, state, federal and international laws and regulations, including some types of taxes, permits and zoning issues that strictly govern most non-Indians, their communities and businesses.
    Note that they are not exempt from all such regulations.

    From the same page:

    VIEJAS TRIBAL GOVERNMENT — The Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians is a sovereign government recognized by the United States Government as having governmental jurisdiction over its land and tribal members.
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    As mplsray's post points out, we need more context to answer this question.

    The meaning of "sovereign government' will be different if this is an American law firm from what will mean in the brochure of a British law firm.

    Where is the the firm located?
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