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  • Heba

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    Hola, como estás?:)

    Como se pronuncia la letra ''x'' en tu nombre? como jota o como che?

    :) your answer will help me write your name correctly




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    Veamos: aquí es importante saber si utilizamos pronunciación castellana o americana, si la letra zeta suena como th en inglés (thank) o como z (zoo). En pronunciación castellana la cosa sería más o menos así:
    XIMENA ZÚÑIGA MALINARICH: خيمينا ثونيغا ماليناريتش
    Hay que tener en cuenta que el árabe no tiene "e" ni "o".


    Arabic (Egypt).
    Correcto. Y si se pronuncia como "s", sera
    خيمينا سونييغا ماليناريتش
    En Egipto le escribiré así
    خيمينا سونييجا ماليناريتش


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    XIMENA ZÚÑIGA MALINARICH: خيمينا ثونيغا ماليناريتش
    Hi Carlos and all:)
    I know that it is common in the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, Syria and Lebanon to use the ''غ'' to replace the sound /g/ since the ''ج '' is pronounced in these countries as a /dʒ/ in English, that is, like the j in judge.

    Personally I believe that the use of the غ to replace the /g/ sound can be confusing or misleading since the letter غ itself has a sound that is completely different from the sound /g/. So, I prefer the use of the ج .

    Sometimes, we Egyptians use the چ in order to represent the sound of the other sound of the ج which is common in other Arabic countries


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    Heba, ج also has its own pronunciation which to us is as different from "g" as غ! ;)

    In that respect, I have no preference for one or the other and use both to transliterate the Latin "g."
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