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  1. Selyd Senior Member

    From what there is a word:
    English - word space (space)
    Russian - пробел между словами (White)
    Ukrainian - пропуск (to miss)
    Spanish - el blanco (blanco)

    I want to know only how the word for a designation of a blank between words in different languages is formed.

  2. mataripis

    mataripis Senior Member

    Tagalog: Space= Puwang/Agwat/ Kalu angan
  3. apmoy70

    apmoy70 Senior Member

    In Greek:

    Space: Neuter noun «διάστημα» /ði'astima/; Classical neuter noun «διάστημα» (dĭ'ăstēmă)--> interval, extension, dimension and in the modern language, Space. A derivation of the verb «διΐστημι» (dĭ'ĭstēmĭ)--> to set apart, separate (PIE base *sta-, to stand).
    In Classical Greek, Space was known as the «Κόσμος» ('kŏsmŏs, m.)--> Adornment, adorning, ornament, order, good order, with obscure etymology (there are a few etymological suggestions for it: PIE base *ken-, fresh, new, young; PIE base *ghodh- (*ghedh-), to clinch, hold together, unite).
    Nowadays in the modern language, «κόσμος» after Christian influence, is the inhabited world, the Ecumene.
    What is described in many languages by the word kosmos, for Modern Greeks is the «σύμπαν» ('simban, n.), an ancient compound word (sūmpān): Preposition and prefix «σὺν» (sūn), older form «ξὺν» (ksūn)--> together, at once, with, including + neuter adj. «πᾶν» (pān)--> all, the whole; «σύμπαν» is a word invented by Isocrates (436–338 BC) to describe the wholeness of the universe

    The space in astronomy or the interval between words in typography is «διάστημα» /ði'astima/
  4. Favara Senior Member

    Catalan - Southern Val.

    Espai: dimension, extension, gap, interval, outer space, rest (from work/penury/worries), calm, typographic space. In some dialects, also low voice (as in whispering). Latin spatiu.
    Cosmos: outer space. Greek kosmos.
  5. Selyd Senior Member

    What primary sense of the "word space" in Tagalog? Thanks!
  6. DearPrudence

    DearPrudence Dépêche Mod (AL mod)

    French (lower Normandy)
    Hello Selyd :)

    "une espace" (feminine, while "espace", masculine is used in other contexts (I made the mistake not long ago [​IMG]))
  7. Anja.Ann

    Anja.Ann Senior Member

    Hi :)

    In Italian:

    - Spazio:
    1) space (astronomy)
    2) blank space (between words)
    3) room (e.g., "this sofa takes up too much room")
    4) gap, distance (e.g., "there is a gap of 20 centimetres between the car and the kerb")
  8. 涼宮

    涼宮 Senior Member

    Sbaeneg/Castellano (Venezuela)
    I think the same. If you are referring to the button you push on the keyboard and also the blank between things, then, it's called 'espacio'' in Spanish, not blanco, unless you meant the expression ''espacio en blanco'' which means ''space blank'', as in ''dejaré este espacio en blanco'' = I'm going to leave the space blank.

    You should be more specific Selyd, because ''space'' is a broad concept :)
  9. ThomasK Senior Member

    (near) Kortrijk, Belgium
    Belgium, Dutch
    I am afraid 'space' is indeed fairly broad a term:
    - for astronautics and other more concrete places: ruimte (the most general word, as a matter of fact - < ruim, spacious)
    - typing and computer: spatie(s) between the signs
    - distance: afstand, sometimes ruimte.
  10. sakvaka

    sakvaka Senior Member

    In Finnish the blank part, the interval between two consecutive words, is called väli (< root meaning "in-between"). Spacebar, the button, is välilyönti ("between stroke").
  11. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    In Turkish the blank part is called: boşluk (which litterally means void).
  12. apmoy70

    apmoy70 Senior Member

    Likewise in Greek, colloquially the blank part between words is called «κενό» /ce'no/ (neuter noun), Classical neuter noun «κενόν» (kĕ'nŏn)--> emptiness, void, PIE base *ḱen-, empty.
    But in typography the interval between the words is called formally «διάστημα» /ði'astima/
  13. tFighterPilot Senior Member

    Israel - Hebrew
    In Hebrew the word is for both the space between words (or any other objects) and the space button is רווח - revaḥ. It also means profit (as in the space between the income and spending). Likewise spacious​ is מרווח - meruvaḥ.
  14. AutumnOwl Senior Member

    mellanrum (between room) - space between words
    mellanslag (between stroke) - space button
  15. francisgranada Senior Member


    köz, or more exactly betűköz

    köz - "a place between"
    betű - letter (of the abc)

    For curiosity:
    The word köz can be found also in the surname of the French president Sarkozy. The original spelling is Sárközy and "Sárköz" means something like "a place or territory amidst the mud". It's a toponym and Sárközy is an adjective from this (as e.g. Berliner from Berlin).
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  16. Encolpius

    Encolpius Senior Member

    Praha (Prague)
    magyar (Hungarian)
    Well, there is betűköz, space between letters, but don't forget we also have: szóköz [szó word + köz]...

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