Spaghetti alle sarde

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Janey UK, Oct 27, 2008.

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    Ciao a tutti

    I've been brushing up my food vocabulary as I'll be visiting Rome in a couple of weeks, but checking out some restaurant menus I've come across some items/words that don't appear in any of the dictionaries that I have access to, and I have no idea what they mean! I know menus are very personal and vary a lot from restaurant to restaurant, but can anyone help me with any of the following?

    Here are the terms that I'm struggling with:

    Alle Sarde (Spaghetti alle sarde, con pinoli, finocchio, uvetta e sarde) - my guess...cooked the Sardinian way...which is how exactly? :D)

    I'm sorry to be such a nuisance, and I really appreciate your help! If I'm guessing wrong I could have some disastrous meals on holiday! :D

    Thanks, Jane
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    Jane, sarda as an adjective does mean from Sardinia, but sarda as a noun is a kind of fish, a pesce azzurro (blue fish?) like anchovies.

    Pasta con le sarde

  3. Valsarno

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    Again, I'm sure it's late but for future reference: Sarde is a word for sardines. Spaghetti alle sarde is spaghetti with sardines as part of the condiment. So yes a type of "pesce azzurro".
  4. LookAtMe

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    I'd like to know more about this too as according to my internet research it seems that "sarde" might be in English "bonito".
    Also would anyone be able to explain the differences between "bonito" "sardines" and "pilchards", please?
  5. london calling Senior Member

    Bonitos are much bigger than sardines or pilchards.

    Ti consiglio di consultare Wikipedia.
  6. LookAtMe

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    london calling,
    thank you.
    It was actually Wikipedia that got me more confused than I was before...
    I'll keep doing my internet research then...
  7. london calling Senior Member

    Mettiamolo così. 'Sardines' e 'pilchards' sono più o meno la stessa cosa - pescetti azzurri. È però da discutere : c'è chi considera il sardine un pilchard piccolo.

    Il 'bonito' è più grande e non mi pare sia della stessa specie . Sbaglierò, ma mi sembra più simile ad uno sgombro.

    Perciò dicevo di consultare Wikipedia. Li trovi i nomi scientifici, in genere.
  8. LookAtMe

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    london calling
    thank you.
    Every little helps.
  9. Benzene

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    Dalle mie parti, il "bonito" è un piccolo tonno pescabile nel Mar Ligure. Non è un tonno pinna gialla, ma è gustoso.

  10. LookAtMe

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    thank you.
    This is getting such an entangled topic...
    The English Wikipedia page says that "Bonito" is also called "Sardini tribe" and consists of 8 species including: Sarda, Sarda chiliensis, Cybiosarda...

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