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  1. jambadevil New Member

    English, USA
    Hi, I'm writing a story for my creative writing class and I was wondering if someone could tell me a few spanish endearments--endearments a man would say to a woman. The male character is half Mexican and half white, middle class who lives in America but grew up speaking spanish so he is fluent. The female character is white with brown hair and hazel eyes, average height. It is during modern times. This would be a big help. Thanks!:)
  2. Masood

    Masood Senior Member

    Leicester, England
    British English
    cariño/a and querido/a are generally well understood, though not necessarily specific to Mexico.
  3. davidl243

    davidl243 Senior Member

    London, England
    English, Scotland
    Cielito I believe is quite Mexican (literally "little heaven"), other than that there are words such as: amor, cariño, querida, tesoro, cielo, and these are used everywhere, but not specifically Mexican (I don't think)

    Also with all these words you can add "mío/a" which means "of mine", e.g. cariño mío, querida mía etc. :)

    EDIT - one other thing, Mexicans are very fond of diminuitives, e.g. -(c)ito/a, so add that to any of them are you already sound more Mexican, e.g amorcito, cielito
  4. Wezen Member

    Español, España (Catalunya)
    Heheh, hello jambadevil!!!I've found yor post really funny!!
    There are lots of words to express the feelings but I'll put you some (the most common): "amor mío", "mi corazón", "mi vida"...
    I hope it can help you!!!Good luck with the essay!!

    Yes, I really agree with the using of "cielito" and other diminutives!!!!They sound really mexican!!
  5. DonManuel_CH

    DonManuel_CH Senior Member

    Bern, Switzerland
    German / Switzerland
    hi there
    "cariño" is always nice.. also "guapa" or "princesa"

    good luck!
  6. helenkr Senior Member

    Bunbury, Cheshire
    English, England
    I know that in Peru at least a term of endearment is preciosa. They sometimes say 'Hola preciosa'.
  7. Chaska Ñawi

    Chaska Ñawi modus borealis

    an old Ontario farmhouse
    Canadian English
    Take a look at this thread.
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