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    Qué son algunos rezos comunes de español? como rezos que se dice por niños todas las noches...

    Here is what i wanted to say (jaja):

    What are some common spanish prayers? like prayers that are said by children every night before bed. ... ok to expand upon that, in english because i might not be able to in spanish, ones that are commonly used in hispanic cutlure, of any country i dont care and any christian relgion. But ya, like an example of an english one woudl be "Now i lay me down to sleep i pray the lord my soul to keep..." like what is a prayer in spanish that corralates to that, one that is said nightly and stuff. thanks!
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    This a short version of a retahila or sayings:
    Con Dios me acuesto y con Dios me levanto Amen.

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