spank her blue and black

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Hello, everyone:

I read a blog called The Union Of Hate-Filled Souls
Hate destroys reason and logic. Like my tweet on the left says, I don't care if Modi speaks in the UK or Germany or USA, but I am definitely glad that BG figuratively put Nidhi on his lap, spanked her blue and asked her to respect the law and the Supreme Court.

1. spanked her blue.
2. spanked her blue and black.

I think both #1 and #2 are correct, they mean he bruised her bottom by spanking her,
"blue" means her bottom was a little bruised, "blue and black" means her bottom was bruised.

Am I right? Thank you.
  • owlman5

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    Your interpretation sounds reasonable to me, ridgemao. I've never heard "spank somebody blue" before. When I hear the phrase, it's always "black and blue".
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