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Eve Lin

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Spanish Argentina
Hello, my name is Evelin and I want you to help me to understand the meaning in Spanish of the word SPARE in the follorwing sentence: "Most parents want to SPARE unfavorable kids the hurt that true candor could cause". Does it mean avoid, in the sense of "protect"? I'm learning English, sorry if I commit some mistakes.
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  • iribela

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    Did you need a translation?
    This is the Spanish-English Vocabulary / Vocabulario Español-Inglés forum.


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    Del diccionario de la casa:

    Principal Translations
    spare [sb] [sth]

    evitarle algo a alguien
    Jacinto trajo carne de la ciudad, con lo que nos ha evitado el viaje.
    ahorrarle algo a alguien
    Con su actitud sincera, me ha ahorrado el tener que preguntarle a su madre.
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