Sparky sperm the Tadpole

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What does it mean Sparky sperm the Tadpole? The speaker absolutely wants to have a baby, she is ovulating but her lover doesn't want to have sex with her. Talking to a friend she says: 'Because, apart from the fact that one of my dwindling supply of eggs is up there, yet again going to waste for want of the Sparky Sperm the Tadpole with his name on....'
I can't understand this last phrase. Well I can understand what literarily means. Is Tadpole also a toons or something else?

  • bibliolept

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    I would just add that "with his name on" (probably "with his name on it") alludes to the situation that, ummm, "Sparky" will be one of countless others that will be vying to reach the egg.

    Thomas Tompion

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    [...] Is Tadpole also a toons or something else?

    I think you've had your answer, Nenissima. I was too stupid and/or ignorant to work out what a toons was, in your question. The only thing I could find was that a toon is a South Asian tree, which is quite something to have up the part of the body we are talking about.
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