Sparsæ tot urbes turbinis vasti modo

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    From Seneca, Troades, Lines 229-232:

    Hæc tanta clades gentium, ac tantus pavor,
    Sparsæ tot urbes turbinis vasti modo,
    Alterius esset gloria, ac summum decus;
    Iter est Achillis —​

    Sparsæ tot urbes (nom, fem, pl) = so many cities strewn
    turbinis (gen, fem, sg) = of a tornado
    vasti =
    modo (dat/ abl, masc, sg) = in the manner

    How does vasti fit into this line? It appears to be (gen, masc or neut, sg) or (nom, masc, pl) it doesn't appear to agree with anything, unless I'm mistaken.
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    I used Wiktionary and it said feminine. I should have double-checked Perseus.

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