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Hi everybody,

I am studying for an interpreting assignment and I have come across two words that refer to wind turbines: spars and webs.

In the slide you can see a graph representing the sales trend of "spars and webs" in 2021 and 2022. I know they are two components of a wind turbine (the company manufactures wind turbines), but I am not sure the words I have found in Spanish are correct.

I have found "largueros" for "spars" and "correas de la pala" for "spar caps" and "alma" for "web".

Can anybody please help me?

Thanks in advance,
  • Masood

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    Have you got a picture with labelled components in English?
    Also, I guess you're talking about offshore wind turbines (from your username), but can you confirm?
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    Ari RT

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    Sounds like we're talking about the "propellers" that move the turbine, not the turbine itself. Those are just like the aircraft wings, work due to Bernoulli laws + Newton etc. Propellers are miniature wings. I suggest that you google wing parts.


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    In aviation, the wing spar is called el larguero de ala. And since the wing is an airfoil and so is the wind turbine blade then I would think it is safe to say that it is el larguero de las palas de turbina.