spay vs neuter vs castrate

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    Here's Wikipedia's answer:
    "Neutering" is often used incorrectly to refer only to male animals, but the term actually applies to both sexes. The male-specific term is castration, while spaying is usually reserved for female animals.
    Neutering - Wikipedia


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    A lot of people (usually male) find the term castrate far too graphic for comfort so will opt for neuter or the even-more-euphemistic have done:

    ~Tiddles' night-time behaviour is terrible.
    ~You should have him done. / Have you considered having him done?


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    I agree with all that Ewie and Loob have said above. I will add that "spay" is the canine equivalent of a human "hysterectomy".

    Addendum: The purpose of spaying is to avoid reproduction. Also it reduces the mess associated with the menstrual cycle and the nuisance of male dogs hanging around due to the scent.

    The purpose of neutering males is more often than not to avoid, or an attempt to end undesirable behavior such as aggression, male dominance or "excessive expressions of romantic desire" :). The neutering works far more effectively if done prior to the arrival of the unwanted behaviors (six to nine months of age). It also avoids entirely testicular cancer.
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