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  1. NemoPS New Member

    Hi everybody!
    I'm new to the forums so I hope I'm posting in the right section.
    I've been studiyng japanese for about 6 months (like an hour a week since I really lack time because of my work) now, but even though i've gone through all the book I have (japanese with ease vol 1, by assimil), I was not able to find a proper way to part from someone, say, in an email or phone call.

    I've been told you can use それでは!at the end of a letter, but the translation google does leaves me even more confused (translates to "So what!"). Is this really the casual way japanese people end a call or email? Or perhaps I'm missing something? In any case, which are the most common expression to say 'looking forward to hearing from you soon', or simply 'speak soon' or even 'talk to you later' and such?

    I've also been told さよなら is not to be used in these cases as it's more like a...definitive "goodbye", instead of a simple 'bye!'.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. yuna0406 Member

    "またね!" is a casual way to end a conversation, definitely more natural than "それでは!"

    If the conversation is between guys and you want to be more manly:)D), "またな!" can also work.

    Or maybe, you can say "じゃあ、また!". You don't have to add ねor な, but you can if you like.

    It covers any type of conversation whether it's on a phone or in person or a letter.

    To translate "またね(な)!", it would be 'talk to you later' or 'see you later'.

    If you want to say 'speak soon', you can use something like "また近いうちに話そう" (you can also add ねor な at the end if you like)".

    You're right about "さよなら”. That's a bit weird to end a casual conversation.
  3. NemoPS New Member

    Hi Yuna!
    Thanks for your explanation! :D
    Is "な" mainly used by men in all sentences, and "ね" by women? As far as I could understand, ね tends to make an expression more gentle. Is that so?

    Thanks again for you help, really appreciated!
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  4. yuna0406 Member

    Hi Nemo!

    I'm glad to be a help!
    Yes, I would say "な" is mainly used by men. I wouldn't say women can't use it though.
    I think everyone can use "ね", and I agree with you that it sounds more gentle and sweet.
    I like when men use "ね" instead of "な", actually.

  5. NemoPS New Member

    I see, thanks for the clarification :) I'll be sure I use ね when I talk with you then! :D

    Thanks again!
  6. NemoPS New Member

    Oh by the way. I don't want to go out of topic but I wasn't able to use the PM system apparently.

    Yuna, If you have skype, perhaps we can help each other (if you ever need help in english, which is not my native language but I've been told mine is reasonably good) and practice! You can find my id in my profile if you want :)

    Once again, どうもありがとう!
    To Moderators, sorry for the OT!
  7. yuna0406 Member

    Hey, Nemo!

    Thank you, but I'm not looking for someone to practice with on skype at the moment!
    I'd be happy to help you here when you have any question about Japanese!


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