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Please tell me if the following sentences use correct grammar. The part in question is the use of 'speak to'. This is used all of the time in my office and is driving me crazy.

"I will speak to that in our next meeting", "I will speak to the deadline in a minute", "Please make me copies of this file, I will be speaking to them in the next meeting", etc...

Thank you!
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    No, I don't think that makes sense. Because the person will not actually speak to a piece of paper. It should be "I will address that in our next meeting," "I will be addressing them..."


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    I think the grammar of the sentences is fine, but the use of "speak to" instead of "address" or something similar is quite troubling to me as well. To start, it sounds dismissive and rude, but it would also make whoever said it seem as if he or she were trying to be more intelligent than he or she actually is, to me anyway.

    In any case, I've heard people use sentences like these, so it's at least someone common usage. That being said, if someone said the third one to me, I'd really have to resist making some offhand remark (You're going to be speaking to the copies? Remind me to be sick that day...).
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