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Hello there,

could anybody tell me if it is possible to say "speak together" in English?

Here is the context: She is my best friend. We can speak together for hours.

I personally find it strange and would prefer "We talk/speak to each other" or even "We can talk for ours".

Thank you very much for your point of view!
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    I agree with you. "Speak together" sounds like you are both standing up in front of a group of people and you are both giving a speech, i.e. both speaking to other people, rather than speaking to each other.

    If you are talking to each other, I prefer your suggestions. (But note that it's hours, not ours).


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    I certainly wouldn't say "speak together"; we can "chat", "talk things over", "discuss", etc for hours, as well as "have a conversation", and I suspect that is just skimming the surface of the possibilities.


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    If I was talking to you, I would suggest you "talk to each other", to encourage communication between you and your friend.


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    we say:

    > A: Who is speaking?
    Q: John and David are speaking.

    How about this one? Is it correct to ask:

    > A: Who is speaking together?

    For this


    > Q: John and David are speaking together.


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    It isn't clear what you want to say, so I don't know why you think the posts above don't answer your question.
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