Speaking numbers with repeated digits - triple three and so on

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Bhikkhu1991, May 15, 2008.

  1. Bhikkhu1991 Senior Member


    333 is called a triple three. What do you call 4444 , 55555 , 666666 , 7777777 , 88888888 and 999999999 ?

    Thank you.

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  2. Istarion Senior Member

    Paris, France
    British English
    Single, Double, Triple/Treble, Quadruple, Quintuple/Pentuple, Sextuple/Hextuple, Septuple, Octuple, Nonuple. I could go on, but I won't.

    Be aware that most people don't know any of the ones after about quadruple, and you usually wouldn't use them in everyday speech.
  3. If you were saying telephone numbers, for example, you would say 888888 as 'double eight, double eight, double eight' or 'treble eight, treble eight'.

  4. mplsray Senior Member

    In America, however, where the telephone numbers take the form (555) 555-5555, you would be unlikely to use "double" or "triple." (555) 555-5500 would most likely be "five-five-five, five-five-five, fifty-five hundred (or even five-five-oh-oh)" and (555) 555-5000 would most likely be "five-five-five, five-five-five, five thousand."

    I can imagine someone saying, for (555) 555-5500 "five-five-five, five-five-five, fifty-five double-oh (or fifty-five double-zero)," but I can't say that I've actually heard those used.

    Letters seem to get the "double" and "triple" treatment much more often than numbers: The American Automobile Association is AAA ("Triple-A") and AA batteries are "double-A batteries," but AA for Alcoholics anonymous is pronounced "a a" and a "BB gun" is pronounced "bee bee gun."
  5. Gwan Senior Member

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    New Zealand, English
    Related to this, I almost never hear 'treble' here, outside a racing context (and then not often, but that's just me!) I would say 'triple'. 'Treble' seems more BE to me. Anyone confirm?
    As for the other numbers, it's easier to say 'double four, double four' as suggested above, rather than 'four, four, four, four'. You often hear, if people try it that way, 'four, four, four, four... that's four fours' or similar to avoid confusion.
  6. Bhikkhu1991 Senior Member


    I would like to thank all of you who have responded to my thread. Only Istarion has answered to my question, that is, a quadruple four, a quintuple five, a sextuple six, a septuple seven , an octuple eight and a nonuple nine.

    Thank you.

    With best wishes.

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