Special characters: ɫ̩ n̩ ŋ r̩ / ǵ ḱ


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Can you, please, add these special characters?

IPA: ɫ̩ n̩ ŋ r̩

Slav(ic): ǵ ḱ

Thank you!
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    Sure, can you give me descriptions for them that I can use?

    And while at it, if anybody wants to suggest a reorganization and better descriptions of the phonetic or IPA sections, please do so! I imagine the descriptions could have example pronunciations.


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    ɫ̩ n̩ r̩ are syllabic consonants, and I just noticed that is missing too. They are used in several languages: Germanic, Sanskrit, Slavic...

    ŋ is voiced velar nasal, usually n before k or g

    I guess the description could be:
    ɫ̩ = syllabic ɫ
    l̩ = syllabic l
    n̩ = syllabic n
    r̩ = syllabic r


    Ǵ ǵ according to Wikipedia:
    Ǵ ǵ (G with acute accent) represents the Pashto letter geh (ږ), the Macedonian letter gje Ѓ and, in Karakalpak, /ʁ/ (Cyrillic Ғ) and parts of Cantonese Yale Nǵ and Nǵh. The letter is also used to transcribe the Old Church Slavic letter djerv .

    according to Wikipedia:
    (K with acute accent) is used in the following sense:

    If you add them in Slavic, the description could be:
    Ǵ ǵ = Romanization of Cyrillic Ѓ ѓ, Ғ ғ, and Ꙉ
    Ḱ ḱ = Romanization of Cyrillic Ќ ќ
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