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  1. Metztli

    Metztli Senior Member

    The Purgatory
    Mexico Spanish / English

    Would you, please, tell me the difference between these two words? Is there a specific use of each?

    Thanks! :)
  2. drei_lengua

    drei_lengua Senior Member

    If you look these up in a thesaurus you will find that they are synonyms. However, I would only use "special" as an adjective and "especially" as an adverb. I personally have never heard or used "specially" or "especial".

  3. Soffi Senior Member

    Español - Argentina
    should the translation of 'especialmente' be 'specially' or 'especially'?
  4. Nadia Sofia Member

    Panama - Spanish
    It should be "specially"
  5. Jagoda

    Jagoda Senior Member

    Bilingual polski-English
    I have heard: "Specially made for your enjoyment" (in commercials, ads etc.),
    as well as "I made these especially for you" (in common talk).
    Hope that helps a bit :)
  6. Metztli

    Metztli Senior Member

    The Purgatory
    Mexico Spanish / English
    Thank you all, guys!

    Just one more question::eek:

    Which one do you prefer for "sobre todo"? I thought 'specially' was the correct one. Now, I don't know.
  7. drei_lengua

    drei_lengua Senior Member

    Jagoda is correct. However, "especially" is used 9 times as often as "specially" according to a Google search. "special" yields 4.5 billion hits while "especial" yields 124 million.

  8. drei_lengua

    drei_lengua Senior Member

    Merriam Webster's Collegiate indicates:
    sobre todo : especially, above all

  9. Metztli

    Metztli Senior Member

    The Purgatory
    Mexico Spanish / English
    Thank you very much, Drei!
  10. seterek Member

    Spanish / Spain
    Specially: por alguna razón en especial
    · This book was specially written for foreign students

    Especially: sobre todo
    · I love Paris, especially in the spring
  11. black_eyes082

    black_eyes082 Senior Member

    Chile, Spanish
    I think that Especially is British English and Specially is American one...
  12. Hesterbeat

    Hesterbeat Senior Member

    Spanglish (Spaingland)

    Lo suscribo al cien por cien.

    "Specially" means in a special way or with a special purpose:

    I bought these biscuits specially (specifically) for you.

    "Especially" is a highlighter:

    I love all my friends, especially (above them all) you.
  13. aurilla Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Am Eng/PR Spanish
    specially y especially son sinónimos, sin embargo hay una leve diferencia en su uso. "specially" se usa para decir "especialmente" y "especially" mas bien se usa para hacer hincapié, como cuando en español decimos "en especial"

    Ej. "The dress was specially made, and it is especially beautiful."

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