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Hello everyone,

Could someone tell me what the Romanian word for "speed bump" is, referring to a ridge in a road which serves to slow down vehicles? I've found "denivelare" in the dictionary here, but the definitions that DEX provides for it don't make any specific reference to traffic. Based on them, I have concluded that "denivelare" refers to all kinds of bumps or holes that can appear on various surfaces in general (even on bones), whereas a speed bump is something quite specific. Meanwhile, the Google hits for "denivelare" that I got corroborate my supposition. So, is there any more specific term in Romanian, or do you just use "denivelare" and rely on the context to disambiguate it?

Thank you in advance
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    We call those "limitatoare de viteză", as they are designed to limit speed or as you've said, 'to slow down' the cars on traffic.
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