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Hello All,

This is regarding a translation work that I am doing. I am translating a historical collection of letters written during 1942 about a person named Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, an Indian freedom fighter. The collection of letters are highly philosophical and carries deep meaning. Now, I translated a line which grossly means this:

Whichever path I chose to walk, it was far from the destination of time and when I turned back, I could only see a cloud of dust blowing in the wind and this dust is from the "speed of life" puffed only by me.

Now this speed of life is actually a metaphor which means life ran so fast that on the road there was only dust. It also means, that the dust that blew was done by me as I only chose the speed in which I walked.

Can anyone please help me to rephrase the "speed of life" in Latin with the metaphorical meaning?
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    I'd say celeritas vitae can imply that too. Although authors used to talk more about brevitas vitae, which emphasizes how short it is perceived rather than how fast the pace is.