speed up and slow down

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Alaor Santos

Senior Member
Portuguese Brazil
Hi everyone

Are these sentences all right?

1 - You are going too fast. Can you slow down a little?
2 - You are going too slow. Can you speed up a little?

I am not sure whether to use speed up or accelarate in sentence 2. Which would be more common, please, in case both 'speed up' and 'accelarate' are all right?

Thank you
  • Thelb4

    Senior Member
    UK English
    Both "speed up" and "accelerate" are correct and synonymous. "Speed up" is more common, and "accelerate" is more technical.

    George French

    Senior Member
    English - UK
    Can you speed up a little? This means can to go a bit faster?
    Can you accelerate technically means go faster and faster and faster... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acceleration "In physics, acceleration is the rate of change of velocity with time".

    I would use go faster, or speed up not accelerate. Put your foot down (a bit) otherwise we will be late.


    If you want to be a technical pedant use go faster or speed up. Otherwise......
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