Spelling of "Mmm"


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English - Ireland
Hi all,

Does anyone know how to spell "Mmm" - as in "Mmm, delicious"?

At the moment, as you can see, I'm leaning towards three Ms to distinguish it from "Mm" (which is, to me, the sound of someone thinking!)
I would like to hear other people's opinions though...

Ta very much in advance :)
  • In Spanish we have the same sound (Mmmm) both for thinking and for conveying that something is delicious. The spelling differs on the entonation with which each of them is pronounced. I can't explain it writing...

    I typed "mmm delicious" into google and it returned 1,1000,000 results.
    "Mm" is used when you want to show that you're interested in what someone else is saying.
    You spell it how you feel.
    The OED will make no particular comment on however many m's you choose to include.
    Anything form two upwards will do, although more than four would be unusual.
    For me, "Mmm!" is for delicious food, "Hmm!" is if you're thinking or reacting.

    I've seen "Mmmh!" in French, but I don't think I've seen it in English before...
    I'd say hmmm can convey doubt of what was said before;
    -You say you weren' there? Hmm...What about your footprints?
    To me, mmm... means just filling a pause thinking something over, while hmmm is a reaction to someone's uttering and can't be used while racking your mind for a right word,
    for instance. I may be wrong,though.