Spelling of the word "כלשהי"

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  1. refiZ Member

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    כלשהי vs כלשהיא

    It was from the sentence '
    • קצרמר מספק התחלה כלשהי, או נקודת מוצא, לכתיבת ערך מלא.'
    From Wikipedia.

    Is this an example of a rule with words ending in aleph?
  2. origumi Senior Member

    Both כלשהי and כלשהיא are ok. The former is more common. In Wikipedia there's an explicit decision to spell כלשהי.
    No such rule in regard to final א.
  3. refiZ Member

    English, Spanish (Peru)
    Thank you for explaining!
  4. arielipi Senior Member

    actually, i tried to find a reference of that in the academia's website and didnt, i think it might be better to write without the alef

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