spend time - pass time


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Is it ok to say "I pass time with my family" ? or is the only correct form: "I spend time with my family"
  • mattb1971

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    The second is MORE correct, but the first one doesn't sound completely wrong.

    For some bizarre reason, at least in EEUU, we say "spend time" and "pass THE time." The second implies that the activity is less meaningful y que estás haciendo algo para no estar aburrido. Por ejemplo:

    "I spend a lot of time playing with my daughter."
    "I pass the time playing cards."


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    and the question was not about "pass the time" but rather "pass time" which is not normal at all.

    Go for "spend time"!


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    "pass time" which is not normal at all.
    Así es. Tiene que ser "I spend time with my family."
    Otra cosa es hacer algo para "pass the time", que es "para pasar el tiempo" y que es sinónimo de "to kill time", pasar el tiempo a la espera de una prevista actividad útil o interesante.
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