spent wash water tank

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    ¡Hola todos!

    Trying to translate a notice for the County, and I'm not sure how to translate this...

    "The two large tanks that are visible from Fairview Road are the treated water storage tank and the spent wash water tank."

    Mi intento:

    "Los dos tanques grandes que son visibles desde Fairview Road son el tanque de almacenamiento de agua tratada y el tanque de agua de lavado gastada."

    Pero no me suena... Maybe it's just that I've never heard of a "spent wash water tank", not even sure what it is... Does anybody out there know?

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    OK, gracias! Is "tanque" incorrect? Because I've already used that on various published notices... :( Or is "depósito" just more accurate?

    Also, how about "wastewater"? I've been using "aguas residuales", but I have heard people use "aguas grises" for that as well.
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    Actually, come to think of it, "tanque" is probably all right.

    "Wastewater" is a more general term which would include grey and black water.

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