spese d'utilità


Ho una tabella dove sono elencati tutti i costi accessori di una azienda:

Spese d'utilità
Elettricità/ acqua
Sicurezza negozio
Servizi di pulizia
internet, telefono
Servizi Banca on-line
Spese di rappresentanza

Ho tradotto tutto tranna spese d'utilità---
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  • k_georgiadis

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    Can you tell us what type of things are included under spese d'utilità? It sounds to me that it could even be the title of your table and that it stands for general expenses.


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    I agree that general expenses works but if we are talking of more or less fixed expenses then we would also list them under overhead. This is a very common term that covers most expenses that a business has to pay on a regular basis and that you know of in advance, which I see is also translated as costi operativi.


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    In the US, by utilities we understand Water, Gas and Electricity. Based on the fact that your list includes stationery, banking, and agency costs, I would say that General Expenses is more appropriate. Of course, each company has its own definition. Some US companies may describe this category as General and Administrative Expenses.


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    Voi avete ragione tutte e due. Penso che significi "ongoing/unavoidable/necessary monthly expenses", benché nel US sia usato voul dire Gas, electicity, telephone, trash, come detto da kg. "Utilità" va bene nel senso "libero", no?