Vorrei tradurre la parola 'spezzofame' ma non sono sicurra del senso. So che la parola è legato al soggetto delle diete, ma sono un po' confusa.
Ho pensato che sia qualcosa che inibire la fame, come un integratore, ma dopo avendo fatto un po' della ricerca, penso che può darsi sia un tipo dello spuntino che aiuta una dieta?
Grazie per il vostro aiuto,
Hannah x
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    Hmm I see. The sentence is this: 'Le donne che cedono allo spuntino perdono meno peso rispotto a quelle che rinunciano o mangiano uno spezzafame solo quando si sentono lo stomaco davvero vuoto.'

    I found it in a news article on the Corriere della Serra website!
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    I know these posts are quite old, but I'm translating a report for a snack company and I bumped into "spezzafame". I think it has no longer any connotation related to the world of diet, being rather any snack/food eaten to keep hunger at bay in-between the meals.
    I found "hunger-cruncher" in another dictionary.
    What do native speakers think about it?


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    I’ve never come across it before, and it sounds like a word made up specifically. It’s not a repeated term in your text is it? I think I’d probably try to explain the concept rather than find a specific word.


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    Do you mean "spezzafame" or "hunger-cruncher"?
    Unfortunately it is repeated quite often, and explaining the concept would sometimes be hard for "space restrictions".
    "Spezzafame" is very common in Italy, at least when talking about (bakery) snacks.
    Searching "Hunger-cruncher" on the web, I haven't found many results, but they look consistent with the meaning of "a small snack eaten to keep hunger at bay".


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    Is it? This is the first time I've heard it.
    Could it then be something regional (I'm from Emilia Romagna)?:confused: Although I've been working for big food companies all over Italy, and they all use it... maybe is it a marketing word? :confused:They make up so many nice words...:D
    I cannot think if my friends use it too...

    rrose17: "light snack" could be an option but all the connotation of "hunger" goes lost, which is the characteristic of "spezzafame"... which is actually the reason to exist of a "snack". Now, I'm getting confused.
    Could this be the typical case of Italian repetition? We often use several words with the same meaning one next to the other one just to reinforce the main concept...:rolleyes:

    ain'ttranslationfun?: I may go for it... I'll think about it.

    Thank you all for your help! If new ideas come to my mind, I'll share them with you!;)
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