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Dear All,

I am translating a text related to maritime engineering...
I stumbled accross the word " spiagge sottoflutto" how should I translate this? It refers to the accumulation of sediments along the mouth of a river and the attempt to facilitate their flow toward these "spiagge di sottoflutto". For the term "molo di sottoflutto" I had found the translation lee breakwater, but how should I work for this one? Sincerely I am somehow missing the meaning of the word in italian as well, because at first i thought it was a specific term referring only to breakwaters, but now I found it used as a general adjective...

Quite technical environs indeed...:( sailors needed!

Thank you for your help and attention!
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    Ciao rya00!

    Il mio suggerimento è il seguente:

    "spiaggia sottoflutto" = "erodible beach".

    Dai un occhiatina con Google...;)