spicchio (figurato)


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Hi everyone,
In my experiment (down at the physics lab) I have a round piece of plexiglas which is divided into trasparent and shielded regions. The trasparent regions and the shielded ones are alternated so that the round piece of pleziglass looks like a cake cut in (white and black) slices. To put it in other words my piece of plexiglass, looks like one of those beach umbrellas with alternated colours.
In italian I would use the word "spicchio" (" Il cerchietto di plexiglas e' diviso in spicchi trasparenti e oscurati")...what word would you use in english?
I'm open to any suggestion for a good explanation
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    NDP, I think your description is very good. Maybe an alternative is 'sections': I have a circular-shaped piece of plexiglass that has alternating opaque and transparent sections, where each section is shaped like a slice of cake.


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    Ciao fu :)
    I like 'slice', but when I thought about "divided into slices" it made me think that the plexiglass had been cut. (But maybe that's just me)
    Anyway, I think 'wedge' is great: "...alternating opaque and transparent wedges."
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