spielerisch den Spaß vermitteln

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    Egyptian Arabic
    Der zweifache Vater und Starkoch Alexander Herrman will Kindern spielerisch den Spaß am gesunden Kochen und Essen vermitteln.

    what I understood : Father of two and star chef Alexander Herrman wants to teach (convey to) the children the palyful fun of healthy cooking and food (or eating) .

    what does "spielerisch" describe here? is it "Spaß"? if so then why isn't it like this: "den spielerischen spaß"

    thanks in advance
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  2. wirsling New Member

    This adjectiv describes the verb ("vermitteln"). So it really means that A.H. would like the children to have fun while learning the fun about the healthy food etc. ;)
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  3. nope7000 New Member

    Egyptian Arabic
    Danke sehr :)
  4. The Lord of Gluttony Senior Member

    Because it describes the verb, shouldn't it be called as adverb? :( I am new to the German language, pardon me.

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