spike a volleyball

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    Can you spike?:tick: Spiking the ball is forbidden in volleyball tournaments.
    Can you spike a volleyball? :warn: This is not very commonly used. However, I think sometimes people use this phrase, but with the definite article. As in, " I want to spike the volleyball." This seems better.
    Can you spike a ball?:tick: Don't spike the ball!

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    All of them sound right except for the second one because a volleyball is a ball.

    I don't play volleyball but I know you "bump" balls too and you can replace "spike" with "bump" up there and things would sound fine.


    Thanks, Slide, for the reply.
    In our language, we always say "kill ball" to mean "spike the volleyball" or "smash the shuttlecock," but I wonder if "spike the volleyball" sounds right or not.


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    I play volleyball and we always said spike. Hit is the correct term, except spike is more widely known. I think if you are talking about volleyball in the sentence before, then you could say "can you spike?". Otherwise I would say, "can you spike a volleyball?"

    good luck!
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