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Dear natives,

I can't understand the author's purpose for "spike" in the sentence below, which is being quoted from "graphene based materials" as you can see in the following link:

Graphene-Based Materials

Also, it is used in similar terminology in other pages, like:
Sharp Infrared Distance Sensor Test Apparatus, Page 3 - Robot Room

this term seems to be related to a graph. Does it mean "peak"?

"The sensing signal strength (proportional to the spike height with NO2 on) was dependent on the NO2 concentration as shown in Figure 4.2."
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    A spike refers to an acute rise in a graph or oscilloscope. (compare spike (n.) - a sharp point.)

    It does not necessarily mean "peak" "There were several spikes in the reading before it peaked at 2,000 parts per million."
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