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hello everybody,

Here is a double question:

''to spike out'' , I guess that spike out can be used when a ''spike comes out''. I tried to look for an example and the only one I found was: "my hyacinths and orchids are spiking now" Does this mean that the thorns of the plants are growing and have just popped out?

Now here is another one:

''However, a scarce growth rate of only 1.3% in world graphic paper demand in 2011 is predicted, a much lower result than the initial 4.8% spike out of the recession in 2010''.

Scarce growth doesn't sound quite well to my ears, I´d write ''a growth rate of a mere 1.3%'' instead.

What does that ''spike out'' stand for?? Does it mean a peak or something?

What do you think about all this?
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    The two words don't go together. It's a 4.8% spike, and it came out of the recession in 2010.

    WR dictionary: spike: noun, 2 a sharp increase in magnitude or intensity.
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