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in a contest held in a party, the judge is standing in front of an archery target and a basket of apples introduces the game which he calls "spike the apple".He tells the two contestants "The final event is spike the apple. Okay, so, the person closest to the bull's-eye with the apple wins." so, what is the meaning of "spike the apple"?
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    This seems to be an invented name for an invented game – I've never heard of it, I don't think it's a known game.

    It would certainly seem to have something to do with apples and the target and, since he talks about 'closest to the bull's eye' it sounds like they must throw the apples at the target and try to hit the centre. I don't know where the 'spike' comes in, unless there are spikes in the apples so they can dig into the target (which seems unlikely); or spikes on the target, which you aim at and try to hit with your apple so it becomes 'spiked' to the target. Which also sounds a bit weird and unlikely. But I have no other ideas.
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